Amy Hoy's thoughts on mastering a craft


There’s a great show called Mastercrafts, a mini-series documentary from the BBC. I recommend you go out and find a way to watch it, right now.

Mastercrafts is all about — surprise! — master crafts:

  • blacksmithing
  • stonemasonry
  • thatching
  • hand weaving
  • stained glass
  • green wood furniture-making

Trades we barely even think about today; obsolete, cottage industries.

Nevertheless, there are still people who dream of learning these trades, and that’s where Mastercrafts comes in. Each episode follows the trials & triumphs of 3 would-be students during an intense 6-week course…

The article is specifically about startups, but this is perfectly applicable to learning a craft (since that’s what it’s about) like bagmaking.


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"I learned more about life from punk and hardcore records than I ever did at school."


Wait! Don’t look at that last one! This one is in full resolution! #gotg #guardiansofthegalaxy


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